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The Holidays at Pointe Woodworth

This holiday season is a little different than previous years. We will be bringing a few fun experiences to our neighborhood this year. Check back for more info!

Please find additional information about our Santa event and Holiday Light Competition on this page.

COVID-19 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual homeowner’s meeting is cancelled until we can reconvene for the 2021 meeting, hopefully next spring. At the homeowner’s meeting, you will hear a report on our activities for the last year, what we hope to do next year, as well as elect three new board members for two year terms. Financial statements will also be available, and the board can answer any questions you may have.

Please reach out to ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org with any questions.

No Street Parking

Guests may park on the street short-term, but residents must use their garages and driveways. Parking long-term on the street poses a safety hazard for our neighborhood for visibility of people using crosswalks, emergency vehicle access, and more.

Review CC&R’s section 10.16.

Collection Bin Placement & Storage

Collection bins should not be placed on the curb until 3:00pm on Thursday, and must be stored by 11:00pm on Friday. Bins must be stored out of sight outside of these hours.

Review CC&R’s section 10.7.

Get your home ready for winter!

  • Collect tree leaves weekly
  • Trim back your trees and flower beds
  • Winterize your sprinklers & faucets
  • Check & clean your gutters
  • Have your furnace inspected & re-ignite your fireplace pilot light

Official Documents and Resources

Public Documents

We keep our public documents in Google Drive. You can access CC&Rs, Project Request Forms, & Meeting Minutes here.

Request forms are in process of being updated to editable PDFs.

Financial Documents

Financial documents are available to homeowners only upon request. Please contact ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

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Frequent Questions

What are my HOA dues used for?

There are two separate budgets for the Pointe Woodworth HOA: The RV parking lot and the common areas. The RV Parking Lot is completely funded by RV parking lot dues. The common areas in the HOA includes the parks and other areas that we are collectively responsible for.

If you’d like to get a copy of the latest financials, please contact us at ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

When are dues due in 2021?

2021 dues are due by February 28, 2021.

Late dues will be subject to late fees and/or liens.

How do I pay my dues?

Dues can be paid online at http://www.reeder-management.com/, clicking on “Pay Rent”, and then selecting “Apartment Community”. There are additional fees to pay online.

You can also send your dues in to:

Pointe Woodworth HOA
C/O Reeder Management
3201 Jahn Ave NW #218
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Be sure to include your address or lot number on your payment.

If you have any questions, please call Kelly Ward at 253-341-7920.

Do I have to get approval for home improvements?

In general, you must get approval to any changes to the exterior of your home or when painting.

Please see Request Forms for the link to the various request forms.

How do the front gates work?

During certain times of days when traffic is busiest, the gates are kept open. We also leave them open during certain times on the weekends. Otherwise, we keep a database of homeowners and their access codes. We also can provide entry devices, similar to the ones you use to open your garage door.

If you need access to the gate, please fill out the Security Request Form if you haven’t done so already.

If you are having problems accessing our community through the gates, you can contact us at ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

How can I park my RV in the RV lot?

You need to request a spot in the RV lot, and you need to pay your RV parking lot dues. Please contact us at ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

How do I report problems?

If you need police or other emergency services, please call 911 immediately.

If you notice anything wrong with the common areas, please contact ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

If you’d like to report violations of our CC&Rs, please contact ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org.

For all other issues, please contact whatever city, county, or state services are relevant.

Have more questions?

​​​​If you have questions or need additional information, send an email to ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org or reach out directly on the website below.

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Please fill out the house painting or project request form before you paint or make changes to your landscape.
Meet the HOA Board

Volunteers committed to making the neighborhood better for all residents

Contact Us Directly
Bill Wilkerson
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Board Member
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Please consider running for one of the open board seats  If you have questions or need additional information, contact us on the website or send an email to ptwoodworth@pointewoodworth.org